Arctic Blast (OS)

Arctic Blast Hybrid Hosta

Put away your parkas – ‘Arctic Blast’ delivers a cool breath of fresh air to your garden. This is one ‘Arctic Blast’ that gets it’s power from “Wow” Factor instead of wind-chill factor.

Arctic Blast is a cold-hardy plant, originating from Minnesota, the land of 10,000 degree below wind-chill, (okay, maybe a slight exaggeration, but trust us, it gets dang cold here in the winter). The beautiful frosted blue leaves form an upright, vase-like plant. This hosta looks great as a stand-alone plant, or as part of a grouping, (it provides a beautiful and dramatic contrast when planted next to green or yellow hostas). This cross of H. ‘Komodo Dragon’ and H. “Elvis Lives’ results in a plant with good growth, great substance, white-backed, ruffled edged leaves, and lavender flowers.

Artic Blast Originator Stock from the Originator
Price: $45.00 each
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